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Posts here are about three sources of horror grouped by the three M’s:

  • Monsters — mythic terrors menacing from the dark

  • Machines — man-made creations of reason beyond our control

  • Madmen — when the mind turns against itself and becomes its own villain

Why are you here? Who are you? What do you want?

Lord save your soul if you get this reference.

Name’s Matt. Pleasure to meet you, I hope.

I’m here to write about various ideas that grabbed my attention while earning a doctorate in philosophy.

I don’t intend these to be aimless navel-gazing.

My philosophical POV focuses on the human sciences — that’s psychology, social science, and the humanities — and how they can be put to use creating real, practical results.

We’ll be discussing various facets of business, social influence, persuasion, and creativity — and how they can benefit from clearer, deeper thinking.

Who should NOT join

The picture says it all.

You’re here because you are interested in:

  • Ideas and quality thinking

  • How to apply ideas to create real results

  • The goal of living a well-lived, rewarding, meaningful, fulfilling life.

…and you aren’t a whiner, complainer, or unhinged thought-cop.

A beach in New Zealand
A beach somewhere in New Zealand.

What to expect

You might enjoy our excursions if:

  • You’re into lifting weights.

  • You often wonder about the Big Questions about life, existence, meaning, etc

  • You’re into Lovecraft-style horror stories and John Carpenter movies…

  • …or great 80s movies starring Arnold, Stallone, and Bruce Willis

  • You’re fascinated and disgusted by the darker side of human nature, but compelled by the belief that there is good in us

  • The thoughtless technology worming its tentacles into our lives frustrates and confuses you, leaving you to wonder about the prospects for a human future

If that’s up your alley, you maybe you can subscribe.

Living well is important to me and central to my thinking about everything.

Important enough that I did some academic work on it once upon a time.

A well-lived life is not exactly about health, and it’s much more than the relentless pleasure-seeking that the beguiled masses call “happiness”.

The Good Life is what Aristotle called the eudaimon life. A crude translation of that word into English would be “good demon”. That’s got certain ugly meanings for us which are not at all what Aristotle or his countrymen had in mind.

Eudaimonia is better read as flourishing, doing well, or living in excellence.

Speaking of excellence, if you made it this far down the page, why haven’t you subscribed yet?

Thanks for reading.


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"What is the author on and where can I get some?" — Hacker News


Machines and madness infect our lives and squash our sense of self. I'm writing to help you escape the cave of shadows and elevate yourself above the thoughtless crowd.